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About Sifu Sergio

Sifu Sergio Pascal Iadarola began his Martial Arts profession with judo at the age of six in the Dutch capital Amsterdam, winning a few neighbourhood competitions, during his adolescence years, he additionally developed his with the act of other Martial Arts like Pencak Silat and Wado Kai Karate.

Sifu Sergio was a major Bruce Lee fan and he studied and read everything concerning him. As Bruce Lee began his hand to hand fighting excursion with Wing Chun so for Sifu Sergio that would likewise be the way. To dig further he spoke with a portion of Bruce’s initial understudies like James de Mile and Jesse Glover to discover more about the individual Martial Arts advancement of his object of worship. He likewise visited a lot more military craftsmanship schools as conceivable in Amsterdam along with companions to watch or partake in exercises.

In 1987 Sifu Sergio prepared the Wing Chun framework under Sifu R. Vogel and Grandmaster Wang Kiu, who was an immediate understudy of the late Grandmaster Ip Man, and who moved to The Netherlands during the 70’s. Approximatly two months into his training, he got a hold of a book “Wing Tsun Kuen” written by Grandmaster Leung Ting (the last closed door disciple of the late Grandmaster Ip Man). The book motivated Sifu Sergio such a lot of that he settled on the choice to stop his preparation at Sifu Wang Kiu’s school after just four months into his preparation and to begin searching for a Leung Ting subsidiary school, that year Sifu Sergio began preparing the Leung Ting Wing Tsun System under Frank Schäfer, just for it to stop after an awful auto crash. Around nine months after the fact he had the option to continue his preparation and got his first Technician level from Sifu Keith Kernspecht who was the main teacher of the EWTO in 1994 Germany.

Needing to be all that he could be and to arrive at his maximum capacity in Wing Chun Sifu Sergio made extraordinary forfeits and went all through Europe during 1994 to 1998 going to numerous classes in Germany and in Italy of Sifu Emin Botztepe and taking many private exercises from Leung Ting Wing Tsun aces like Sifu H.P. Edel, Sifu S. Avci which brought about being selected as the Israeli boss teacher for the EWTO by his Sifu K. Kernspecht during 1997-1998, for that again incredible penances where made moving to an outside country and settling down in the Israeli capital of Tel Aviv. This was difficult yet Sifu Sergio figured out how to set up an effective school for around a year prior to choosing to leave the nation because of political pressure.

Sifu Sergio continued considering one day turning into an individual understudy of Sifu Leung Ting and because of his persistance he ultimately accomplished that during an outing to Asia in similar period with his fantasy working out when he met Grandmaster Leung Ting in Hong Kong. Having seen and gotten directions from him before just during Sifu Leung Ting’s European workshop visits, unfortunately because of positive conditions Sifu Sergio was sufficiently blessed to be acknowledged as a private understudy by Grandmaster Leung Ting and game plans were made to begin the private preparing under Sifu Leung Ting as quickly as time permits.

Subsequent to getting back to Europe to make game plans to remain longer in Hong Kong Sifu Sergio concluded that prior to returning he would complete constantly the unarmed Leung Ting Wing Tsun framework under Sifu Slavko Truntic who was one of the expert understudies of Sifu Leung Ting. This was the correct advance to take as it implied that Sifu Leung Ting simply expected to address him as opposed to showing him certain pieces of the framework. Sifu Sergio would assume control over a 100 hours of private exercises from Grandmaster Leung Ting between January 1998 till October 2001 in Hong Kong and in Shunde and furthermore concentrated seriously under GM Cheng Chuen Fan during the ordinary and teacher classes at the Leung Ting HQ on the Nathan Road.

Their relationship in the end turned out to be close bringing about hanging out together outside of the typical trainings hours. In the time frames in Hong Kong, which were a while at that point, Sifu Sergio had the fortune to have the option to rest across the street and practically inverse the school of Grandmaster Leung Ting at the place of his companion’s auntie. It was not bizarre to get hypothetical exercises, completing and accepting the adjustments of the entire unarmed arrangement of Leung Ting Wing Tsun under Leung Ting himself in Hong Kong in the year 2000.

This was an accomplishment which just a single other Westerner had achieved at that point.

The following piece of the excursion took Sifu Sergio to New York where he spend November and December 2001 to finish the Leung Ting Wing Tsun weapon framework: Look Dim Poon Kwun and the Bart Cham Dao under Si-Pak Fong Wai Hung (Alan Fong) being the first at any point to be shown the Bart Cham Dao from Sifu Alan Fong. During this outing he was elevated to a seventh level practician by his Si-Pak Alan Fong in the wake of dazzling with his unarmed Wing Tsun expertise. Because of a few conditions including Alan Fong, Sifu Sergio had no real option except to set up his own Association in January 2002, the IWKA, to advance and spread the credible Leung Ting Wing Tsun framework as instructed by GM Leung Ting in Hong Kong, and set up many IWKA schools around Europe.

Being brimming with enthusiasm for Wing Chun, Chinese Kung Fu history and Philosophy it was not long in the wake of setting up every one of these schools that Sifu Sergio began to understand that the Ip Man Wing Chun heredity and the genealogies got from it were not by any means the only ancestries around in China. It was stunning from the outset and he required some an ideal opportunity to acknowledge that there were more seasoned and more complete heredities out there which at the time were all practically obscure in Europe. Numerous individuals don’t understand that the Ip Man framework is really an individual translation and blend of three distinctive Wing Chun heredities to be specific Chan Wha Sun, Yuen Kay san and Dai Dak Lan. Sifu Sergio would in the long run choose to seek after the following decade into the extreme concentrating of other Wing Chun ancestries which implied that interestingly he interacted with genealogies that had an Internal side to their educational plan something he didn’t know about previously.

Sifu Sergio proceeded to examine the Lo family Weng Chun heredity under Sifu Cheng Kwong who was the replacement of the late Sifu Wai Check Yan, who showed him the Saam Bai Fat and the craft of Kam Na. He likewise concentrated under the child of the late Grandmaster Pak Cheung who was an immediate understudy of Tang Suen in territory China.

Sifu Sergio chose to leave the running of his effective full time IWKA HQ in The Netherlands to a portion of his more elevated level understudies to move to Hong Kong and as of late got his perpetual residency and is one of the principal Westerners to open up fruitful Kung Fu School in Hong Kong.

To dig further into the Tang family Weng Chun framework (Eternal Spring Lineage) of the late Grandmaster Tang Yick and he concentrated With Pak Cheung Kao in China. Sifu Sergio proceeded to concentrate with Sifu Tang Chung Pak for a couple of years who showed him the Luk Dim Poon Kwan, Weng Chun Kuen structure and two men sets before at long last turning into an understudy and dear companion of Sifu Sunny So who was the last understudy of the late GM Tang Yick. Sifu Sunny So showed him the remainder of the framework in exceptional private exercises over a time of quite a while.

What many don’t know about is that Sifu Sergio was determined to have asperges as a kid which is a condition that has been an extraordinary fortune for him empowering him to amass information, master shapes and disguise abilities at a lot snappier and more profound way then the normal individual.

It is by and large this condition that has empowered Sifu Sergio to complete the educational program of a few genealogies and accepting expert status in some during a time of close to the years. Different ancestries he considered incorporate the Sum Nung Wing Chun framework and the progenitor frameworks of all the advanced Wing Chun genealogies, including the Fujian Yong Chun Bai Hei framework under a few sifu’s in serious private exercises in Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand

Sifu Sergio likewise paid a few visits to the Gu Lao town in China where he momentarily considered the remarkable Gu Lao Wing Chun framework under Sifu Fung Chun who safeguarded the last lessons of the late Grandmaster Dr. Leung Jan.

Sifu Sergio additionally visited Vietnam, the home of Vietnamese Wing Chun which created in Vietnam through Yuen Chai Wan the Brother of the Late Grandmaster Yuen kay San, and investigated and traded data with Several Sifu’s and ancestry holders.

The last examinations to be finished in his journey and concluded the investigation into the Beautiful Spring genealogy of Wing Chun came from coming into contact with the sources that furnished him with the first Kuen Kuit from the 1800’s before the 1700’s Siu lin Tau (little preparing set) got separated into three structure arrangement of Siu Nim Tau (a little thought) Chum Kiu (looking for the extension) and Biu Tze (pushing fingers) around the hour of the 1854 uprising and the 1855 torching of the Fine Jade Hall.

These Kuen Kuit are declaration to the way that the Fusion of Fujian Bai Hei ( White Crane ) and Emei Zhe Zhuang liable for the making of the 1700’s Siu Lin Tau brought about an exceptional interior set comparable to the northern inward expressions which filled in as the base from which the later more outside 3 set configuration forms of Wing Chun occurred.

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